The Surprising Ways in Which Medical Malpractice Occurs in Iowa

Medical malpractice shouldn’t even be a concept, but it remains as a distressing reality. Largely, this occurs when medical practitioners treat the Hippocratic Oath more like a suggestion instead of an actual oath to uphold. Such behavior is an insult to the medical profession, along with the patients who put their life in medical professionals’ hands! Medical malpractice is a serious occurrence due to its potential to be fatal. Yet, institutions may approach any such incident from a lax perspective. 

However, the landscape is changing. The sheer abundance of potentially weak practitioners diluting the field has made medical malpractice commonplace. When something does go wrong, it’s common to instantly think – “Is there a medical malpractice attorney near me?” Here are some of the key ways in which malpractice may occur: 

Medical Practitioner Owed Duty of Care and Failed

A fundamental aspect of medical practice is the duty of care owed by healthcare providers to their patients. This duty requires medical professionals to act in the best interests of their patients, providing competent and attentive care. However, instances of malpractice arise when this duty is neglected. For example, a doctor might fail to properly diagnose a condition, prescribe incorrect medication, or ignore a patient’s symptoms.

Standard Duty of Care Breached

The standard duty of care refers to the level of competence and diligence expected from medical professionals under similar circumstances. Breaching this standard means that a healthcare provider did not act as a reasonably competent professional would have under the same conditions. This breach can manifest in numerous ways, such as surgical errors, misdiagnosis, delayed treatment, or failure to obtain informed consent. For instance, a surgeon leaving a foreign object inside a patient’s body or a doctor misdiagnosing a life-threatening condition exemplifies a breach of the standard duty of care. 

Injuries Developing Due to Breach of Duty

When a medical practitioner breaches their duty of care, the resulting injuries can be severe and life-altering. Patients may suffer from worsened medical conditions, unnecessary surgeries, or even permanent disabilities. In Iowa, there have been cases where patients developed severe complications due to delayed diagnosis or incorrect treatment plans. These injuries not only affect the physical health of patients but also their emotional and financial well-being. 

Medical malpractice is an extremely sensitive area, one that requires the care and attention of an attorney. It’s essential that you reach out to an attorney with considerable expertise to handle your case, thus ensuring that you get the compensation you deserve.

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