How Employers Have Adapted to a Post-COVID19 World

After the COVID pandemic, lots of people started resigning from their jobs in a phenomenon now referred to as the Great Resignation. The truth is employees were tired of feeling underpaid, overworked, and underappreciated. These days, the new buzz is ‘quiet quitting’ – which isn’t really quitting, but more only doing the job you are paid for and refusing to go above and beyond for an employer who isn’t recognizing or rewarding that. Seems fair. As an employer, however, it’s important to adapt to the changing expectations of the workforce in the post-pandemic world. Employees are demanding more, and rightly so after they’ve been going the extra mile for businesses for decades. If you want to stand out from the crowd as an employer post-COVID, here’s what you can do. 

Understand Employees

COVID was a big wake-up call for a lot of people who realized that work was not the most important thing in their life. And as an employer, you will have to recognize that. It’s better today to treat people as humans first, employees second. People want to spend more time with their families, save money, and have more autonomy – something that remote working provided them with throughout the pandemic, so it makes sense that as an employer, you would continue to provide this opportunity. 

Offer Benefits

‘What’s in it for me?’ is now a more common question asked when employees are looking at job postings. If you’re not offering any employee benefits or perks, then it might be worth considering getting some in place, otherwise, you’re only going to end up losing out on the top talent to another employer that is. Health insurance, retirement plans, supplemental health benefits, and flexi-time are just some of the most highly sought-after benefits today. Learn more about alternatives to Solutran for supplemental benefits to help you choose the best package for your employees. 

Create a Pleasant Working Environment

One of the main side effects of the COVID-19 pandemic for employees is that they realized that life is too short to work in a place that they don’t enjoy going into, and so lots of people resigned. Toxic workplaces are no longer tolerated by many in the world of work, and they aren’t afraid to leave their jobs for better opportunities at the first sign of toxicity. Not only that, but lots of people spent the lockdowns building businesses and side hustles making it easier for them to quit in the future without causing themselves problems. So, if you’re not focusing on creating a great place to work that people look forward to going to, then you’re likely going to experience problems with employee retention, productivity, morale, and more in the future. 

Over the past few years, the way that we approach work has changed a lot thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Employers who want to succeed should be aware that it’s unlikely things will go back to pre-pandemic times. Understanding what employees want and providing a pleasant workplace and work-life balance are key. 

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