What Can a Cherry Hill NJ Elder Law Attorney Do for You?

Senior citizens may need assistance in navigating the complex legal issues they may be dealing with. That is why they may want to work with a Cherry Hill NJ elder law attorney who handles a range of legal matters that impact them including Medicare/Medicaid, guardianship, health care, and Social Security. Apart from handling financial and estate planning matters, the lawyer can handle that matters that affect a senior’s quality of life like assisted living and life planning. 

When to Hire a Lawyer

Deciding when to hire an elderly law attorney must be done before you need one. The sooner you hire a lawyer, the sooner they can have your affairs in order. Waiting to hire a lawyer may be too late for you to take full advantage of their legal services such as financial planning. By hiring early, all the basics are covered and small updates can be done instead of scheduling last-minute planning sessions, which can be quite expensive.

The Legal Services You Can Take Advantage of

An elderly law attorney provides several services including the following:

  • Planning for and managing long-term care. Your lawyer will compile your financial information, assets, and insurance. They will assess your housing and medical needs as well as implement estate planning. You can rely on them in terms of financial planning, geriatric care, and tax preparations.
  • Planning for Medicaid and eligibility. Your lawyer can help eliminate the confusion you may have about Medicaid. You will learn from them how your income level and current assets may impact your future benefits.
  • Planning for conservatorship and guardianship. A conservatorship is especially useful if you cannot take care of yourself such as when you suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Your lawyer can help guide your loved ones through the process of getting guardianship.
  • Administering estate, probate, and trust. Your attorney can help you plan for your legacy by assisting you in identifying and nominating secondary decision-makers. These individuals will need to make essential decisions for you when you become incapacitated. Also, your lawyer can help specify the responsibilities and rights of individuals with fiduciary duties. 
  • Planning for disability. If you have questions regarding how you will affect your loved ones, taxes, and other legal matters, an elderly law attorney can answer them. Should you have healthcare needs, your lawyer will help you and your loved ones explore long-term care treatment options. Also, they will help you qualify for state and federal programs to finance your care cost. 

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