Some of the Common Issues That Delays Divorce 

Divorce is a complex and difficult process that requires understanding and patience. With time, however, the stress may become too much for couples to bear, which in turn causes delays in the divorce process. However, having a family law attorney by your side can help you avoid the complexity of the issues that arise during a divorce.

You need dedication and commitment to get through the emotional and financial difficulties that are part of a divorce. The more issues you face in this matter, the longer it will take for you to fill everything out.

Here are some of the common issues that usually delay the divorce.

  1. The case is overly complex

If your divorce case involves real estate, child support issues, business assets, and other assets, then it is considered a complex case. In most of these cases, you will need the help of your divorce attorney to guide you through the divorce process. A divorce attorney can help you manage the process and make sure your case moves smoothly without any legal complications. Property division and child custody are two of the most common issues that can make a divorce case complex.

  1. Lack of cooperation

One of the most common reasons why a divorce case is delayed can be a lack of cooperation on the part of one or both parties. If either party fails to make an appearance in court, they will be fined. This can be criminal, and can result in jail time depending on the amount owed by the non-complying party. You can seek the help of a divorce attorney for this matter as they are professionals in handling these kinds of cases. Your attorney can be by your side to ensure that you attend all court hearings.

  1. Hidden assets

If one party is hiding assets from their spouse, then the divorce proceedings may be delayed. It is not only illegal but can be considered fraud. Your divorce attorney can help you locate assets that are hidden and make sure that both parties are cooperating with the legal process.

  1. Not following the advice of your attorney

If you are seeking a divorce, then your attorney will make sure that you are protected from any claims made by your soon-to-be ex. Your lawyer will advise you on what to do or say and what not to do. If you can’t follow the advice of your lawyer, then your divorce may eventually get delayed.

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