Linux Shared Hosting in India: Best For Businesses

A well-optimized website has the best chance to rank higher on SERP. But if you do everything Right on the website preparation But Choose a lousy web host then all the preparations will go in vain. Linux shared hosting in India can help your business website to grow faster and also it can be the best option and help your website rank higher.

There are so many considerations and concerns when you are going to pick a web hosting service for your website. And if you choose the best Linux shared hosting in India then many concerns like security, reliability, and scalability will be resolved. Because it has so many benefits and features.

India Linux Shared Hosting Servers: Overview

Shared hosting is a web hosting type where hundreds of websites are hosted on a particular server. On the primary server, all websites share the same resources and storage space.

In Servers, two major operating systems are commonly used: Windows and Linux. The term Linux shared hosting refers to a shared server running on Linux.

Linux is the oldest and was the first Operating system introduced to the world, which is why it is the most trusted and reliable Operating system.

If you host your website on a Linux shared server, you can rest assured that the operating system will never slow your website down.

How Does Shared hosting different from VPS Hosting?

Shared hosting has many similarities and differences at the same time as VPS hosting servers.

Thre are lots of people who think that there is no difference between Linux Shared servers and VPS servers. But there are a lot of things that are not the same as people think they are.

In a shared server you share a dedicated server with a lot of users and you need to share every feature and resource that is available on the main server. Unlike this, VPS Hosting gives you privacy and you don’t need to share any feature of the main server all you need to share is the space of the main server.

VPS Is more expensive than Shared hosting and also you will get limited space on the main server. VPS is a good option for a grown website but for new websites or small business websites Linux Shared hosting is just perfect. 

Linux Shared Hosting in India: Why You Should Choose It?


Linux supports all kinds of hardware, regardless of its age. Even the most outdated systems. A new or small business might not need to purchase new machines because of this. 

Easiest Interface:

Linux is a fantastic platform for modern developers as it is streamlined and streamlined. The interface and commands on Linux are the simplest compared to Windows and Apple, which are rigid platforms.

Open Source:

Open-source is one of the best things about Linux OS. The fact that anybody can contribute to Linux means that it has become the most developed operating system in the world due to the constant inflow of new minds and ideas. Because of that, India Linux shared web hosting in India has improved over the years.


Cyber-attacks are less likely to occur on Linux Shared Hosting in India. There will be no loopholes in the operating system, as it is open-source.

When a Windows Os is attacked, it will take much longer for the Windows Security team to resolve the attack, as it is an in-house operating system.

Data privacy:

Hosting on a shared server is not private. A web server is where you share your website with other users. While you use Linux shared hosting in India, you still have some privacy. You can also remove unused software or bloatware from your server using Linux, as it does not collect much data from users.

Control panel:

Web hosting providers in India complete, manage and handle Linux shared hosting. Domain add-ons, for example, might require some manual work from you. It’s best to use a control panel such as cPanel or Plesk to do that. Only Ubuntu supports both of these control panels.


Small and new businesses can benefit from Linux Shared Hosting in India. You will gain additional advantages if you find the best web hosting company, which will give you server uptime guarantees, high bandwidth, multiple website hosting facilities, and more. Make sure you do your research and find a cheap Linux shared hosting in India.

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