5 Factors That Contribute To the Successful Design

Envision the glamorous celebrities walking down the red carpet with step and repeat and posing in front of the backdrop that has your company’s name and logo. doesn’t that excite you very much? Of course, it will. But the question is, how to complete the journey from being a startup to the backdrop of the big events? And will the journey be rewarding?

Well, the efforts and money that you invest for the purpose will bring about maximum ROI if you can design the step-up and repeat format banner. It’s the most non-intrusive way of advertising. Thus, many companies all across the globe follow the pattern of promotion for marketing.

Here are the basic things that you should consider as you start designing the banners for the next event to enthrall the audience:

Factor #1: Size

The first thing that demands your attention while designing the banner is the size. This will again depend on two factors. 

  • Number of people expected at the event
  • The number of people to accommodate for pictures at one time. 

Once you have the information, you can determine the size of the banner, the 8X8 size is the most popular and standard for the backdrop or the step and repeat banners. But when you host a smaller party, you can also go for the 8X4 size. Again, for the larger events, you can think of the 8X10 or 8X12 sizes. 

Factor #2: Seamless design

A seamless design is almost mandatory for the Step and Repeat banner. You need to make sure that you don’t sew the two pieces of the banner to cover the entire space available. Go for one piece of the printed layer without any seam down the middle. If you want the best professional look, you have to make sure about the banner that you are customizing. 

Factor #3: Matte effect

Celebrities are always the focus and your company’s logo is the backdrop. So what happens when you select a glossy finish for the banner? The continuous flashes from the cameras will cause glare and disturb all the pictures.

  • Use matte finish for the banners.
  • Check whether the surface is reflecting light owing to some other issues. 

The matte effect is also good to maintain a professional look. 

Factor #4: Background color

Choose any color and it can be the backdrop of the event, right? Absolutely wrong! If you use white color for the backdrop just because the company’s logo is looking nice against the color, you are increasing the chances of glare that can ruin the photographs. 

Instead, follow the simplest hack. Go grey for the background. It will still appear closer to white and will make your logo look the best without causing any glare. 

Factor #5: Personalize

Customization is the key to increasing the impact of a banner. Creating an eye-catchy ambiance and backdrop for the socialites or the important persons associated with the business is a challenging task. remember that it will be on the web and in print for many years. 

Hire only expert professionals with many years of practical experience to do the job. Only such professionals can do the work with confidence. 

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