Is it time to hire an accident lawyer in Front Royal?

Your life can turn upside down after a sudden car crash in Front Royal. Virginia is a fault state, which means you have all options to recover a settlement from the party liable for the accident. However, understanding the simplest things about laws isn’t enough. Unless you have clarity on how to file and fight for your claim, you are always at risk of getting a lower settlement offer. You may be skeptical about hiring a front royal car accident lawyer, but some circumstances are unique. Here is an overview for your help

Reasons why you need an attorney

  1. The other party is blaming you: Virginia has a contributory negligence rule, which means if you are even the slightest fault, you won’t recover anything at all. If the other party is trying to blame you for the situation, you need an attorney to defend you. 
  2. You have suffered severe bodily injuries: If you have suffered injuries that are likely to prevent you from working or impact your life drastically, you need an attorney. Your compensation should be a lot higher in such situations, and insurance companies will fight such claims. 
  3. The other party doesn’t have insurance: If the other driver doesn’t have adequate insurance coverage, you may need to contact an attorney. You can sue them in court by filing a car accident lawsuit, for which you have two years from the date of the crash. 
  4. Your claim has been denied: Insurance companies deny claims for various reasons, many of which are invalid. Claimants often accept that at face value, which could be a big mistake. Get an attorney because you still have other options. 

Find the right attorney

Injury lawyers accept diverse cases, but you need someone who has fought for car accident victims extensively in Front Royal. They will evaluate what the case is worth, how to proceed further, and the best strategy that is likely to maximize your compensation. If you are worried that you won’t be able to afford the cost of legal counsel, check online about contingency fees. Injury lawyers don’t charge anything unless you win or receive the payout, which means there are no retainer or hourly fees. 

Insurance companies and other parties will do everything to protect their interests, and it is imperative that you have a competent and renowned injury lawyer to fight your legal battle. You can find more details about local lawyers online. 

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