Increasing Investments in Digital Advertisements to Foster Mobility Analytics Industry Growth

Mobile analytics is a software solution that is used to measure data obtained from application platforms and mobiles. It helps the company collect data regarding the user experience and the effectiveness of applications. It allows manufacturers to enhance their products and provide consumers with an excellent user experience. Companies are incorporating advanced technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence to satisfy consumers and provide excellent services. Mobile analytics enables them to produce advanced products that meet the requirements of users and simplify their operations. Its increasing applications in transportation, e-commerce, IT, logistics, telecom, retail, BFSI, and other sectors can boost its demand significantly. Therefore, these factors can boost the industry growth in the upcoming years.

The rising investments in digital advertisements would lead to the rising adoption of mobile analytics. It helps advertisers to provide personalized advertisements and suggestions, which, in turn, can help them, enhance the overall consumer experience. The adoption of online retail, exposure to social media platforms provides companies with lucrative opportunities to bolster their services. For example, Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) announced “Redshift RA3” in December 2019. This launch can enable manufacturers to store data and provide customized advertisements to users. Therefore, these factors can drive the mobile analytics industry growth.

However, the lack of professionally trained individuals and concerns regarding consumer’s privacy and data may hamper industry growth. 

The global mobile analytics industry size is expected to grow rapidly due to the incorporation of advanced ML and AI technology. The rising demand for the product in several industries is expected to develop industry growth. shares this information in its research

Technological Advancements in Analytics Software to Boost Industry Growth in North America

North America is expected to dominate in terms of the mobile analytics industry share due to technological improvements in mobile analytics technology. Its increasing applications in IT, telecom, healthcare, and BFSI sectors can boost its demand significantly. Additionally, the increasing input tax credit (ITC) expenditure can boost the industry growth.

In Asia Pacific, the presence of key players such as IS Global Web, TalkingData, Kochava, and others can increase its production. Additionally, manufacturers are investing heavily to develop advanced mobile analytics solutions. For example, CleverTap raised USD 26 million in a “Series B” funding round coordinated by Sequoia Capital India to enhance consumers’ experience and boost the quality of mobile analytics. These factors can influence growth in the region.

Companies Aim to Acquire Crucial Entities to Enhance Their Industry Positions

Prominent companies operating in the industry are devising acquisition strategies to enhance their industry positions. For example, Branch ( completed the acquisition of Tune, Inc. and its attribution analytics platform in September 2019. This strategy enabled the company to establish a leading industrying and measurement platform. It can enhance its industry position globally. Additionally, many companies are launching novel products to satisfy consumer requirements. For example, Tune, Inc. announced its updated TUNE Links solution in July 2018 to provide consumers with improved measurement routes and help connect industrying activities across several audiences by using a singular measurement link. 

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