How to Pay an APDCL Bill in 5 Steps?

Settling your pending electricity dues on time is very important. Usually, every state electricity board offers a week to 10 days time to pay your power bill. You do not have to wait in the queues to pay your power bill as you can easily use the APDCL quick pay option which is very easy and effortless. There are also many third-party platforms available in India, which allow you to process your bill payments on time. One of the most reliable among those is the BBPS payment platform. Using it, you can effectively manage all the necessary utility billings and payments. 

To help you gain more in-depth information on the same. We have listed out the entire steps of paying your APDCL bill online in just 5 steps. Following these 5 steps, you can make your APDCL payment online. Keep reading to know more. 

Step 1 – Visit the Official APDCL website 

You can go to the official website or application of the Assam Power Distribution Company Limited to initiate your APDCL quick pay. You can make use of the official government platform to pay your dues after you have logged in to it. There are also many features and facilities offered by the APDCL website that you can make use of. 

Step 2 – Log in using your credentials 

This is another very important step when it comes to paying your electricity bill online. To log in to the account, make sure you have your login credentials saved. You should enter your consumer number, registered phone number and Email ID to proceed. 

They can either be saved in the device you use for future references and logging in or can be remembered or noted somewhere down. When you log in, you can make use of the various features available on the application. You need to link a bank with that application so that you can make your electricity payment through it. There, select the option ‘Recharge’ and then the ‘Electricity’ option. You can also use the BBPS payment applications instead of the APDCL quick pay option. 

Step 3 – Using the APDCL quick pay option

If you are using the application or website for doing the electricity bill payment, you will get to see the option that says ‘APDCL power distribution co ltd (non- RAPDRP)’. You will see it in the operator column. Click on this option to proceed with the rest of the process. You can use APDCL quick pay for your payment.

For this, you do not have to enter your number, email ID or other details. Just by giving out your consumer number, you can view your power bill and then proceed with the payment process online. 

The next step is to enter your consumer number. If you do not remember your consumer number or do not have it right now with you, you will have to look for it. The easy way of doing it is to look for it in your previous electricity bill. Usually, it is mentioned in the bill that you pay. Therefore, there are chances that you might find it there. Using the APDCL quick pay the bills can be accessed from the history of payments that you might have made to the electricity board. If you still do not find them there, try checking the hard copies of the receipts that you might have of any payments made. After entering the consumer number, click on ‘Go’. You can also try out the BBPS payment platform to make it more hassle-free. 

Step 4 – Check your electricity bill 

Your electricity bill will show up on your screen. You can now tally that bill with the readings of your metre. Although the readings are generally correct, there can be a chance of discrepancy in some cases. It can be due to some fault in your metre, or the wires connected to that. You can check that and then proceed with the further steps. 

Also, it is recommended to save electricity in every way you can to have a minimal electricity bill. It can be done by making less use of the electrical appliances in your home and by making use of less of them. Also, make use of broad daylight during the daytime and avoid turning on any lights if the room is sufficiently lit. Click on ‘Continue’ to continue with the APDCL quick pay to proceed.

Step 5 – Choose your preferential model of payment 

The last and final step is to make your bill payment by selecting the mode of payment. You can use any of the provided options of payment to proceed with the payment of your electricity bill. It can be net banking, credit cards, or credit cards. You can choose the one you find the most convenient. You can also make use of APDCL quick pay for your payment. APDCL quick pay is one of the fastest and safest means of payment. 

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