What Is The Qantas Green Tier?

If you have considered booking round-the-world flights on Qantas, they recently changed their Frequent Flyer point system. The newest upgrade is Qantas’ Green Tier. This alternative may appeal to you if you are the type of traveller that wants to minimise their impact on the planet. Consider Qantas RTW Flights with the New Green Tier when you book your trip to one of the most popular locations in 2023.

RTW Flights On Qantas And The Green Tier

The Green Tier is a sustainability-focused tier of Qantas’ reward program. Green Tier’s ultimate objective is to eliminate carbon emissions by 2050. In addition to this program, Qantas intends to participate in the following to increase its sustainability efforts.

  • Develop and utilise sustainable aviation fuel to attain carbon neutrality by 2050.
  • Waste elimination: Qantas intends to eliminate the use of single-use plastic by 2027 and landfill disposal of general waste (excluding quarantine waste) by 2030.
  • Carbon compensating: Qantas has already offset its carbon emissions and allows consumers to select flights that take advantage of this.

How Can One Obtain Green Tier?

Similar to flying and travelling, you must satisfy specific requirements and then repeat them the following year to earn points as a frequent flyer. You are eligible for Green Tier status if you are a Frequent Flyer and complete five of the following six activities.

·          Balance Out Your Flights

Those who offset their carbon emissions while booking flights help get the company closer to the Green Tier. Sustainable aviation fuel is another option; you can donate in that direction.

·          Eco-Friendly Tourism

Guests who reserve rooms at particular “eco-hotels.”

·          Sustainable Living

Customers who go solar with their homes or cars or buy carbon offsets from Qantas have the company’s full support.

·          Pick Sustainable Tipples

Qantas Wine offers ‘sustainable’ wines for sale, and you can offset the carbon footprint of your wine delivery or Qantas shop delivery for as little as $1.

·          Acquire More Information

Take the Qantas Wellbeing app’s “impact quiz.”

·          Pay Back

Donations from customers can help fund sustainability initiatives and businesses.


Green Tier Benefits

The benefits that come with Green Tier membership are detailed below.

·          Recognition Technology

Your frequent digital Flyer card will be upgraded to the Green Tier, and you will get a special icon to show off your eco-consciousness.

·          Unique Occasions

Participate in unique sustainability-focused events and opportunities by receiving an invitation.

·          The Green Bonus

Qantas Hotels and Wine can help you rack points for eco-friendly purchases and vacations.

·          Pick Your Extra Reward

You can receive an additional 3 tonnes of carbon offset on Qantas’s behalf or 10,000 Qantas points.


The Qantas Green Tier program is essential to a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly aviation industry. It recognises and rewards Qantas Frequent Flyers who consciously reduce their carbon footprint while travelling. The Green Tier members receive exclusive benefits while contributing towards reducing carbon emissions.

Qantas is proactively addressing climate change, and initiatives like the Green Tier program set a high standard for other airlines to follow. If you are a frequent flyer with Qantas, consider joining the Green Tier program to make your travels more sustainable and contribute to a better future for everyone.

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