Understanding the Difference Between Child Custody and Co-Parenting

Divorce involves various legal terms that the couple must understand. However, among the other terms, child custody and co-parenting are the most prominent terms among people. There is a difference between the terms child custody and co-parenting that the divorcing couple must understand, especially when they have a child. The couple fight for the rights and responsibilities of the child, and thus, these two terms are essential to understand. 

Child custody is when the rights are with one person and on the other hand, co-parenting is a term which involves taking care of the child together. In this article we will understand what are the fundamental differences between the term child custody and co-parenting. You can even consult an experienced lawyer to learn about the differences in Huntsville. Various Huntsville divorce attorney can explain the concepts in more detail. 

What is Known As the Child Custody? 

Child custody is a term in which the primary caregiver is the person to whom the court assigns such responsibility. In such cases, there will be one parent who will be allowed to take care of the child, decision-making powers and other responsibilities. However, the other parent can pay regular visits and meet their child. The primary decision-making power will not be in the hands of the visiting parent. There will be weekly visits and also, on some occasions, which will allow them to connect with their child. 

However, there are various effects of child custody on the personality of a child; it is because the child is deprived of the love and care of one parent. Thus, it has significant implications for the child to deal with the separation of the parents. 

What includes Co-Parenting? 

Co-parenting is a term in which both parents, even after divorce, take care of the child equally. 

The decision-making power is equally distributed among both parents. It provides room for stable relationships for the child as both their parents are together involved in their responsibilities. The parents co-operate with each other and also ensure that there are flexible schedules and visitations which will not hamper the child’s growth. 

When we talk about child custody, the child is deprived of the natural tendency to connect with the parent anytime they want. This problem is solved by co-parenting, where there are flexible timings for visitations and meetings. The parents also keep themselves open for communication and cooperation for the betterment of their child. 

So, these are some of the fundamental differences between child custody and co-parenting. You must select the best one for you so that it does not hamper your child’s psychological health. 

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