The best camping sites in Dubai

Get on the 4x4s, and off-road vehicles prepared and start packing your sleeping bags and camping equipment while discovering the best campsites in and around Dubai.

The first element that pops to your mind when you hear about Dubai is luxury. Five-star hotels, such as Central Park City Walk and luxury resorts with glittering nightlife do not describe Dubai on their own. On the other side of the lane, exclusive and secluded locations mingle with nature and glow with serenity.

In the centre of the desert, along the sandy coasts of long shores, or on top of the high peaks. The UAE has the best attractions ready for adventurers and enthusiasts alike. That’s why this blog compiled a list of top campsites in Dubai and around for you to schedule your next visit.

Al Qudra lakes

The ideal spot for newcomers, Al Qudra Lakes is a pleasant campground where you can build your tent and admire the gorgeous vistas around you.

It is located in the suburbs of Dubai. Al Qudra Lake is in the centre of the desert of Seih Al Salam and Bab Al Shams. When you ride from Abu Dhabi, take the E11 and take the E311 when you travel from Sharjah. Then go to the D63 to get to the lakes.

Ras Al Khaimah Desert

A favourite of adventurers and travellers, the broad desert of Ras Al Khaimah provides a completely off-road desert camping opportunity in the midst of spectacular views of the windswept dunes.

Meaning “Top of the Tent,” Ras Al Khaimah is in the north of the Emirate. The large desert is easy to access from Dubai via Sheik Mohammed Bin Zayed. You should take the E11 and Emirates roads from Abu Dhabi.

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Umm Al Quwain Beach

A great destination for surfing and kayaking tourists, the shoreline of Umm Al Quwain Beach provides a quiet camping spot for families and independent adventurers alike.

Located on the northwest side of the UAE, Umm Al Quwain is accessible from Abu Dhabi via the E11 and the Emirates. Take the E66 while you’re moving from Al Ain.

Jebel Al Jais

Jebel Al Jais, the highest peak in the UAE and gateway to the largest zip line in the world, provides breathtaking views of majestic hills and wide valleys.

Located at 6,345 ft above sea level, Jebel Al Jais is located in the northwest part of the Hajan mountain range in Ras Al Khaimah. It’s a  journey of 3 hours from Abu Dhabi via the Emirate Route.

Fossil Rock

A fascinating archaeological site of rock-and-sand mountains with great hiking trails. Fossil Rock is a favourite of camping adventurers who enjoy off-road trips along rugged pathways.

It is located near Mleiha in Sharjah, and Fossil Rock is only an hour’s drive from the area. Take Sharjah-Kalba Road when you travel from Dubai and take the E11 when you travel from Abu Dhabi.

Fujairah Beach

Perfect match for newcomers and seasoned campers eager to take a weekday camping trip. Fujairah Beach draws those who enjoy the calm, windy beachside camping experience.

Located on the Gulf of Oman, Fujairah Beach is situated in the north of Fujairah. It’s a 3-hour ride from Abu Dhabi to the E11. It will barely take 1,5 hours to get to the beach as you from Dubai.

The Rav Al Khali

Rub Al Khali, also recognised as the Hollow Quarter or the Liwa Oasis. It is part of the Arabian Desert and gives tourists the best desert camping journey.

The Empty Quarter is a wide strip of desert in the Arabian Peninsula. That occupies portions of Saudi Arabia, Oman, the UAE and Yemen. The southern part of the nation is part of Rub Al Khali. You can take Abu Dhabi-Liwa Road to get there.

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Al Dhafra Beach

A convenient campground for water sports lovers and explorers. Al Dhafra Beach is the ideal option for a mini-vacation in the UAE.

Al Dhafra, the western area of Abu Dhabi, is a large stretch of beach and desert. It’s a 3-hour ride from Dubai to the E11 and the same trip from Al Ain to the E22.

If you want to avail all the luxuries of Dubai, it is recommended to live in Central Park City Walk Dubai. This will help you in getting easy access to all the adventurous spots in Dubai.

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