Supermicro is a leading server and storage technology company and a global innovator in high-efficiency server, storage, and network technology. Supermicro owns and operates two manufacturing facilities in California (USA) and Taiwan (Republic of China), supporting customers worldwide.

Products and Services Offered at Supermicro

1. BIOS:

Supermicro offers Linux, Windows, and Unix-based BIOS update services. The BIOS is the central operating system of a computer system, as well as the main software program on a hard disk drive.

2. PXE:

Supermicro offers on-site PXE provisioning for Windows servers and storage devices. This allows a customer to perform or continue their IT operations without manually installing or servicing their computer systems from a remote location.

3. Security:

Supermicro provides full disk encryption for all of its customers’ servers and storage devices, allowing maximum security in your network by eliminating the potential of human error during data transfer between servers, storage systems, and networking equipment within your organization.

4. Management:

Supermicro offers remote management for its customers’ servers and storage devices. This allows the customer to check the status of their computer systems and storage systems remotely. Supermicro supports approximately 80 hardware management tools, including HP OpenView, IBM Tivoli, and CA Unicenter. Supermicro supports most common operating systems, including Windows, Red Hat Linux, and Sun Solaris, with ZFS native support via OpenSolaris OS.

5. Initial Rack Setup:

Supermicro has mastered the process of initial rack setup so that we can achieve a consistently high performance out of our customer’s computer systems and storage systems right after installation within their network environment.

6. Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Designations:

Supermicro’s network engineers have earned the Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) designation as a direct result of their hard work in advancing the company’s position as a leader in the IT industry.

7. Transfer Services:

Supermicro offers rack transfer services from customer premise to Supermicro facility or vice versa. This is especially helpful when customers want to build up their server or storage infrastructure with new computer systems and storage systems but cannot move the old ones due to space constraints or other considerations. This allows them to continue their IT operations without interruption of service.

8. 5G Core Connectors:

Supermicro offers various gigabit connectivity options, including SFP and X2/X4 copper connections. The company has recently added 2.5G copper connections to its product lineup, increasing the flexibility of its customers’ IT environments.

9. Multi-homing:

Supermicro allows customers to configure dual-homing options for their servers and storage systems. This is important in environments where users must connect between different ports on the same switch interface (such as between a server and a storage network interface). With these configurations, users can access both interfaces simultaneously, which means they can access both networks simultaneously from one port on the switch interface.

10.HPC solution design:

Supermicro has also mastered the high-performance computing (HPC) solutions design process, providing a full range of HPC solutions, including cluster servers, storage systems, and network equipment.

11. HPC cluster solution design:

This expertise has led to Supermicro’s first multi-socket HPC cluster solution with four Intel Xeon Whitehaven-based nodes.


Supermicro has enabled its customers to operate their HPC and storage systems on fifth-generation (5G) networks. This allows them to use 5G technologies in their system environments without having to invest in additional infrastructure at this time.

13.5G RAN:

Supermicro has recently completed its 5G RAN deployment, enabling its customers to deploy a full range of 5G-ready solutions. These include the following:

・1 RU Supermicro 5G RAN for server and storage systems.

・2 RU Supermicro 5G RAN for server and storage systems.

・Supermicro 5G SFP+ Network Interface Card (NIC) for server and storage systems.

・Supermicro Multi-Port Integrated Rack (MPIR) for 2U to 10U servers and storage systems. 

14. Supermicro Storage Solutions:

Supermicro offers a wide variety of storage solutions, including the following:

15. Upgrades:

Supermicro offers customers server, storage, and network upgrade services, including CPU upgrades (up to 8 sockets), memory upgrades (up to 768 GB), power supply upgrades, network interface card upgrades, and the latest I/O adapters. These services are performed on-site at Supermicro’s facilities or a customer’s site by Supermicro’s trained engineers. 

Supermicro believes in the customer is king philosophy and invests heavily in customer support efforts. Supermicro supports over 280 individual customer support channels, including phone, e-mail, Web-based forums, a global network of on-site service engineers, and an extensive knowledge base. This differentiates Supermicro’s products and services from most of its competitors. Supermicro has been recognized with several awards and honors for its product lines and innovations from industry leaders, including Crain’s Chicago Business and Microsoft.

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