Follow these simple tricks to keep anger at bay

Anger, a word that defines fury, rage, and wrath is no doubt a strong emotion to express. But it is of no help to you. Instead, it devours your peace and disturbs your mind. Unlike monks, we people often get trapped under its influence. This might appear as if I am describing a demon or a monster. Isn’t! Well, it won’t be wrong to compare anger with it. After all, it does make a human do the wrong act that he/she isn’t supposed to do. If you are a short-tempered person who often gets angry, then it’s time to follow some simple tricks that would keep anger at bay. 

I won’t say that one can win over anger completely, as it will occur unexpectedly in the wrong situation. Getting angry for facing injustice, and partiality is okay, but most of the time it makes a person repent for the collateral damage caused by him. In a fit of rage, a person takes away the life of another even for a petty issue. 

Alcoholic habits are one big reason that generates anger and spoils the peace of the house. There are different ways of expressing rage like throwing things, breaking them, abusing someone, etc. And all these things end up with wrong results. Anger is that emotion that makes a person furious and in that situation, he is unable to think about what is right and what is wrong. And in most situations, he/she falls in trouble. 

Anger ruins everything including mental peace, relationships with family and friends, plus losing joy in life. No one loves to live with a person who gets angry very soon. Even if one does, then it is not for long. So why not battle it out with this inner demon who can make your life hell. It does not make a person strong, rather it shows weakness. You are giving your foe a chance to take advantage by prompting you to make a blunder for yourself. 

It is very important to tell you that anger hurts your overall health. These include high blood pressure, insomnia, headache, depression, problems related to skin, abdominal pain, and the worse, severe heart attack. 

So would you encourage your opponent to take advantage of your anger? Of course not. Then why not control it and bring peace to your mind. If that is done, then no negative energy could hit you or generate the demon of anger in you. No matter who says what, you will be least bothered. 

Keeping anger at bay

So come let us seek those ways where you can keep your anger at bay. Here are these:

Since the repercussions

Here it means checking upon yourself and thinking about the repercussions after the collateral damage caused by your anger. Whenever anger erupts it firstly affects your mind and makes it weak to think, and analyze, and ultimately you end up falling into a worse situation. Before expressing your anger, think about what good it is going to do for you and that other person, on whom you are going to splash your rage. 

If in a fit of rage you kill a person with any weapon or sharp object, it will only bring loss for you. You might get end up in jail facing a life term or even a death sentence. If possible you should try to calm down and venture outside. It might not seem easy but if you make it up, then it will save you from unwanted damage. 

Stop dwelling upon the past

Dwelling upon the past and keep remembering the unpleasant memories will only ignite the anger in you, not the peace of course. Some people do not forget so easily and keep thinking about the wrong that happened to them in the past. They still think about taking revenge at right time. But this is not a healthy sign and is completely an unproductive strategy. Try resolving the matter and bury the bad memories that haunt you. Forgiveness is the best policy that brings peace to oneself and generates new fruit of friendship. 

Lord Buddha says, ‘’holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned. Storing anger for a long time can harm your mind and mood. You may have to face problems like headaches or even heartache. You won’t be able to sleep properly. So drop the anger soon, before it ruins you. 

Change your perception

When a person is in an angry mood, in failing at something, he thinks that everything is finished. This is when you need to change your thinking, and rather say that it might be frustrating, but is surely not the end. And this will make you win over your inner demon which is anger. 

First think, then react

People often argue with their peers without even thinking at first, and react violently, which is wrong. This hampers your communication skills with others. And this seems embarrassing of course. Listen to people carefully, and if in case there is something that you don’t agree with, then better counter it with a polite manner. 

Take the help of a psychologist

If you are finding it hard to control your anger, then there is no shame in taking an appointment with a psychologist. There is a myth among people that those who consult them have a mental disorder. This is absurd. Psychologists are just like doctors whom you consult when having any problem with a body. So when there is no shame in going to the doctor, then why feel bad about approaching a help of a psychologist? 

Final words

These are some of the important simple tricks that would surely help you in keeping anger at bay. But merely reading them will not going to work, you have to implement it. Only then you will witness positive results. Pharmaceutical supply chain management is very complex. The pharmaceutical firms must point out the most usual challenges to efficiently provide necessary medications to patients.

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