All About Basement Crack Repair

Repairing a crack in a basement can be a minimal task, or it can mean something bigger and more expensive. When you talk to a contractor, estimate what they think the costs will be and make some estimates. The bulk of the labor costs will be incurred. Even if the cracking is wrong, you may need to consult an engineer to inspect your property.


An estimate will consist of many factors and is based on the square footage of your home. You have many combinations of skilled and unskilled workers working. You will need to determine the cause of the crack and remove it first. This may include the plumber’s expertise if the reason is leaked. You may also need to install a floor installer if you have any damage to the floors.

Contractor’s license

The least expensive bid may not be the best. Get references from the contractor before making a decision. Make sure and also check the contractor’s license.

At the same time, you can check for termites or other pests in the area. If you live in an earthquake-prone area, you may want to consider keeping your home safe from earthquakes. You can do this by attaching a seismic anchor bolt.

Water leakage

Cracks larger than 1/4 of an inch and growing in size or, if you notice, movement should be checked by a professional. To repair damages that are not the result of movement or structural problems or conditions, you can use sealant or epoxy products to fill the space. They can seal against water leakage and can be used to repair cracks. Take out the shots and apply the masonry mixture on the surface or use sealant or epoxy. If you leak the foundation due to water leakage, polyurethane foam sealant can be used to prevent water leakage.

Identification of cracks

If the cause of the foundation repair problem needs to be identified and you cannot do so, a structural engineer may be needed. If you have made repairs that have not been properly engineered, they can cause stress sites and cause secondary structural problems later. An engineer will prepare a report that the contractor can process. Ask your engineer about your soil; you may be troubled by drought conditions that have shrunk and submerged an area. This can create tension in the foundation, which shows itself as a crack.

Water injection

This problem can be cured by the water injection method. This involves digging holes six inches in diameter, about 4 to 5 feet deep, and filling with gravel up to an inch above. Only do this if your engineer notices that your soil is shrinking and swelling.

Adding steel to concrete footers and foundations can solve some of the foundation’s problems. A professional should evaluate basement repairs to ensure that the work is being done correctly. It could be just a matter of filling in the gaps, or you may have a structural problem that will require a big solution.

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