The classic guide to wearing hats

Hats, as an accessory, are a bit challenging to carry. When pairing them with any outfit, one must remember that it complements the wearer’s ensemble well. Otherwise, it might look odd and out of place if gone wrong.

It is appropriate to wear a hat when attending special events like a wedding, funeral, christening, garden party, or church going. Since people eat and participate in special occasions while wearing attires that are dressier than casual day-to-day outfits, bold and extravagant hats suitably accessorize and complete the look perfectly. As a rule of thumb, the time of the day when the event takes place determines the choice of the hat you wear. 

Different types of unique event hats are: the size of the hat should diminish as the sun progresses, i.e., a wide brim hat is suitable for day and morning events, and tiny hats are appropriate for evenings. Additionally, at a wedding, the mother of the groom’s hat must always be smaller than the hat of the bride’s mother.

  • Organza hat

It is the most typical type of brimmed hat worn by most women folk to weddings, churches, or funerals. Often decorated with faux feathers or organza flowers, these organza hats are available in various colors and sizes. 

  • Felt hat

Similar to the organza hat in looks, it comes out of much denser materials. It makes it more suitable to wear at sad events such as attending a funeral, church, or even a winter wedding. Felt hats come with various brims.

  • Fascinator

Young women who prefer something less bold than the typical organza hat favor fascinators. These are less bulky but prettier. Usually ornamented with feathers or flowers, you will find fascinators in the form of hair clips or hair bands.

When pairing a hat with an outfit, there are no fixed dos and don’ts. When wearing it to a special event, the easiest way to ensure that the hat compliments the dress is to match it with at least one item. For example, the hat and shoes, the cap and handbag, or the hat and one clothing item should be the same color. 

In the case of earrings, studs go best with large hats. And mini hats or fascinators make way for longer earrings. Simpler jewelry does not distract attention from dramatic headpieces; however, pairing over-the-top hats with long earrings might look quite clumsy.

It is noteworthy to remember to take off the hat when sitting and the cap is blocking someone’s view. It is otherwise considered impolite. However, keeping a unique occasion hat on in formal events like weddings, funerals, christenings, garden parties, or someone’s home is okay.

Wear less fancy or casual hats in a more sporty way. They act not only as a fashion accessory but also provide a practical purpose of shading the wearer in summer or keeping the head warm in winter. It is a great way to uplift any outfit. Different types of casual hats are:

  • Snapback

It is identical to the baseball cap, but only with an entirely flat visor. It offers good shade to the face on sunny days but is often worn all year round as a fashion statement.

  • Baseball cap

Another unisex fashion accessory popular among youngsters, the baseball cap is a nostalgic yet sporty sun hat. A slightly curved visor does an excellent job of providing shade. And keeping hair out of the face when playing sports.

  • Bucket hat

The bucket hat is traditionally worn as a sun hat but has recently gained popularity among rap music lovers.

  • Trilby

Dress up in a trilby hat to look good. It is a good choice for mild weather conditions like the spring or fall that do not require a cap for warming or cooling needs.

  • Beanie

The beanie is an unstructured wool hat casually worn during the fall and winter months to keep warm. It, too, is a trendy fashion accessory.

  • Beret

The beret is a slightly more sophisticated hat, suitable for a mature woman who wishes to add more femininity to her dress.

  • Russian fur hat

It is an all fur hat, particularly suitable for harsh cold winters, providing warmth and acting as a fashionable accessory.

In contrast to unique occasion hats, casual hats do not require much careful thought when paired with day-to-day outfits. Casual hats have fewer sets of rules. 

Keeping the color palette brief, one must only make sure that the hat complements. Even better matches back at least one item of the wearer’s attire. Recent trends in fashion also encourage matching and mixing proportions, textures, and sportswear within the everyday look.

There is always a hat suitable for every style, fit for every personality. However, it is essential to remember to take off the casual hats indoors at work, at restaurants or theatres, or in someone else’s home. It is also disrespectful to keep it on in places of religious worship or when you get introduced to someone. Do not be hesitant when wearing a hat. It is wise, to begin with something simple and follows instincts with growing confidence.

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